My name is Paul Dilley, and I’m an assistant professor of Ancient Mediterranean Religions at the University of Iowa, with a joint appointment in the Departments of Religious Studies and Classics.  I’m also a member of the Digital Studio for Public Humanities.  I have broad interests in the religions of the Mediterranean world and Iran, from the Hellenistic period to early Islam, which are reflected in this blog.

My area of specialization is Early Christianity, especially its development within the various cultures of the Graeco-Roman world, including Egypt and Syria; and the classical tradition in these diverse environments.  One major research project involves early monasticism, and another Manichaeism.  For more information, see my faculty home page at Iowa:

You can follow my on Twitter @PaulCDilley

For a description of the MA/PhD in Religious Studies, see:

For a description of the MA/PhD in Classics, see:

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  1. Dear Prof. Dilley, re dance: I have seen liturgical dance twice in recent years. Once in England at a Christmas Anglican service; it seemed very medieval. Once here in San Francisco at a Catholic service; the dancers were young Samoans. The roots are no doubt deep. Yours, Bart Lee, Attorney at Law, San Francisco (11 VIII 14) ##

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