Inscriptions of Israel/Palestine

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The Inscriptions of Israel/Palestine (IIP) is a premier open-access epigraphic database directed by Professor Michael Satlow of Brown University, begun already in 1996.  The goal of the project is to digitize the approximately 15,000 published inscriptions from Israel/Palestine, over a broad temporal range, from the Persian Period to the Islamic Conquest (i.e. 500 BCE – 640 CE); approximately 1,500 inscriptions have already been entered.  What distinguishes this site from others of similar scope is the multiple languages included: Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, and Latin.  One can search the database in any of these languages, or their English translations (the project’s own); by content (e.g., “synagogue” or “church” for inscriptions in synagogues or churches); or by accompanying figures (e.g. cross).  Similarly, one can browse by place, date, inscription genre, physical medium, language (including multiple languages such as Aramaic and Greek), and, finally, religion (Jewish, Christian, Pagan, but currently no Samaritan).  This powerful tool allows for tracking various expressions (e.g., “one God”), and more generally, epigraphic practices, across the communities of Israel/Palestine.  In short, the site is a major resource for the study of the religions of Late Antiquity.

3 thoughts on “Inscriptions of Israel/Palestine

  1. I am looking for a reference that I know exists – I have seen it. But I have forgotten both the author and the title and I can’t seem to find it under general subject-matter., Can you please help me? The subject is Biblical Inscriptions in Palestinian churches. They would be 5th-6th century. Who has written on this and – please- what is the title? Help!

    Erica Cruikshank Dodd.

      • Thank you, Paul. You MUST have it somewhere! I know it is there – biblical inscriptions carved into the stone in Palestinian churches, fifth-sixth centuries. But I can’t remember the title or the author and I can’t even remember if it is a book or an article… please keep it in mind – and thank you again – erica

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