Anastasios of Sinai: Digital Editions in Patristics


This is a high-quality author site for Anastasios of Sinai, the seventh-century monk of St. Catherine’s, who has enjoyed a recent surge in scholarly attention, including both critical editions and studies of his witness to a transitional period in Late Antiquity that saw the rise of Islam in the eastern Mediterranean.  The site, by Clement Kuehn (with contributions by Joseph Munitiz, S.J.), contains some well-organized, annotated bio-bibliographical information, as well as breathtaking photography of the Sinai region.Unlike most other author pages, it does not attempt to offer a comprehensive bibliography, but rather concentrates on making the second edition of Anastasios’s Hexaemeron available online (printed edition: OCA 278, Rome 2007), through a second site,  This second edition involves variants from a number of manuscripts in the complicated textual tradition not consulted for the first edition, as well as shifts toward a more literal translation; it will be updated from time to time.  The Greek text is viewable and searchable online; though viewers cannot make changes, the editors welcome scholarly review and critique.  Only the preface is available now, but when it is complete, it will be the first true “digital edition” of a Greek patristic text, as opposed to e-texts found in databases etc.: “digital” in the sense that the best edition is available only online, not in print; and an “edition” in the sense that the critical apparatus is included (and augmented over time).  The move from print to online editions is similar to the Aphrodisias Inscriptions Project, and to my mind will render the editio princeps obsolete (though, somewhat ironically, it is included in TLG searches).  The editors are to be applauded for making the evolving edition of this important text open access.

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