Online Glossarium Graeco-Arabicum

This website represents an extraordinary marriage between the note card – a standard form of data entry before computer-assisted research – and the internet database, in the service of an immense scholarly reference work with has been diligently assembled over several decades but relatively slow to appear in print.  The project in question is the Glossarium Graeco-Arabicum, based at the Ruhr Universität Bochum since 1980, and with the initial collaboration of Yale University.It is now part of the project “Greek into Arabic – Philosophical Concepts and Linguistic Bridges,” funded by the European Research Council; the site itself is hosted at the Berlin-Brandenburgische Akadmie der Wissenschaften.  The Glossary covers a large and representative body of Arabic translations from Greek philosophical, medical and technical texts, made between the eighth and the tenth centuries CE; one can search for equivalences in either Greek or Arabic, as well as browse the glossary; or query by ancient work.  Digital images of note cards, consisting of a Greek term, its Arabic translation, and the ancient passage in question, are provided.  This is a major work of scholarship that serves as an anchor to the growing field of Graeco-Arabic studies.

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