Bibliography on the Roman Imperial Cult

This site, administered by John Paul Adams of Cal State-Northridge, is a bibliography of the Roman Imperial Cult, last updated in May 2004.  It is arranged by subject matter: General; Cult Features; Priests and Officials; Individual Emperors; The City of Rome; Army; and The Provinces.  Although the bibliography is not searchable, it is small enough to be browsed easily (though the entries are not in alphabetical order!); indeed, its advantage over larger print bibliographies on this topic is the intelligent selection of major books and articles.  Researchers should be aware of major admissions, including studies which address the imperial cult in broader context, such as Clifford Ando, Imperial Ideology and Provincial Loyalty in the Roman Empire (Berkeley, 2000); books after 5/2004, such as Ittai Gradel’s Emperor Worship and Roman Religion (Oxford, 2004 – missed by 4 months!); and subject matter.  There is also very little on the art of the imperial cult, or its after-effects in Late Antiquity.  But the site remains a significant resource eight years on, as it is still one of the few web bibliographies dedicated to a specific subject within Graeco-Roman religion.

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