TITUS: Biblical and Patristic Texts in Grabar (Classical Armenian)

This is the first of several entries on TITUS, the Thesaurus Indogermanischer Text- und Sprachmaterialien, a joint project of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität in Frankfurt; the Charles University in Prague; the University of Copenhagen; and the University of Oviedo.  This site, which in some ways might be seen as a complement to Perseus, contains an extraordinary amount of e-Texts, mostly in Indo-European languages, both ancient and modern; these are usually available in both HTML and WordCruncher. Word searches can be performed within either a text or a corpus, either by clicking on the word, or entering it in through ASCII, according to the transcription systems provided by TITUS for each language.  To my knowledge, TITUS is the only open-access database of Classical Armenian e-Texts on the web (The Leiden Armenian Lexical Textbase is subscription-based), and moreover features a sizeable part of the extant corpus.  The New and Old Testament are included (entered from the “Zohrab Bible”), along with major authors such as Yeznik Koghbatsi (author of De Deo, an important theological/heresiological work with interesting material in Iranian religions), and Moses Khorenatsi (author of the History of the Armenians), as well as a substantial collection of martyrdoms.  Texts such as Koriun’s Life of Mesrop Mashtots and the large corpus of apocryphal literature in Armenian, which has been studied extensively by Michael Stone, are still missing.  Volunteers are needed!


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