This extensive site devoted to Zoroastrianism includes conveniently organized translations of the Avesta and many of the later Pahlavi books, including the Dēnkard, an important doctrinal/apologetic compendium.  The translations are mostly by E.W. West, L.H. West, and James Darmesteter, from several volumes of Max Müller’s famous series Sacred Books of the East; the Pahlavi texts include translations from several other collections, including R.C. Zaehner’s The Teachings of the Magi (London, 1956).  Some have been slightly modified by Joseph H. Peterson.  There are also translations of the inscriptions of Kirdir, but these are not accompanied by a bibliographic citation, and in any case for these one can instead refer to the Prods Oktar Skjærvø’s translations available at the “Iranian Studies at Harvard University” site, which I will discuss in a later post.  Indeed, more up-to-date translations exist for most of these texts, especially in the print anthologies by Mary Boyce, Textual Sources for the Study of Zoroastrianism (Chicago, 1990); and Prods Oktar Skjærvø, The Spirit of Zoroastrianism (New Haven, 2012).  Still, this site is the only venue, online or print, to offer a reasonably complete, organized, and easily browse-able collection of Avestan and Pahlavi texts.


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