Coptica by Pierre Cherix

This is a premier site for Coptic studies, run by Pierre Cherix of the Université de Genève, containing both original research tools and an excellent selection of e-Books, presented for convenient browsing.  Among the former is his “Lexique copte (dialecte sahidique),” which is available for download as a searchable pdf, and lists Coptic words of Greek or Latin origin (noticeably lacking from Crum); I will include a discussion of another tool, his “Index grec-copte,” in a separate post on “Graeco-Coptica.”  Cherix also has collected the links to 118 books in Coptic studies, available mostly from Google Books and the Internet Archive, including many important catalogues of manuscript collections, as well as critical editions, which he has organized into “biblical books,” “apostolic fathers,” “apocrypha and gnostica,” “ecclesiastic,” “liturgical,” “hagiography and homiletics” (this category includes many monastic texts); and “documentary texts and magic.”  A separate page collects 102 studies in  “language, history and geography;” “art and archaeology;” and “ancient Christianity,” including such texts as Johannes Leipoldt’s Schenute von Atripe (Leipzig, 1903).  If you are looking for out-of-copyright books on ancient Egyptian Christianity, this is the first place to visit!

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