Photoshop Manual for Scholars

This site is part of the West Semitic Research Project at the University of Southern California, founded by Bruce and Kenneth Zuckerman, who are famous for their photography of ancient manuscripts, including the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Coptic Manichaean codices from Medinet Madi.  They have provided some basic guidance for scholars using Adobe Photoshop to work with digital images of ancient texts; although the most recent version covered is for Adobe Photoshop CS 2, I could follow most of their tutorial on version C4.  The focus is on working with incised stone texts, but there is also useful material for texts inked on writing surfaces such as papyrus or parchment.  This is a good, clear introduction that illustrates the tools for tracing and copying letters to experiment with lacunae; these same basic techniques can also be used for moving papyrus fragments to find joins.  A unique pedagogical resource.

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