Pyle: Gateway to Greek Manuscripts

This is an essential website for the study of Greek manuscripts from the Byzantine period, administered by Pasquale Orsini of the Università di Catania-Siracusa.  Its resources include information on manuscript catalogues, with some print catalogues available for download as pdfs; bibliography on paleography and codicology, with links to books available online; a calendar of events, mostly in Europe, especially Italy; an interesting “who’s who” of scholars in the field, almost like a professional organization list; and a blog, which includes reviews of recent literature in the field.  Perhaps the most important tool is the scanned 10-volume work by Kirsopp and Silva Lake, Dated Greek Miniscule Manuscripts to the Year 1200 (Boston, 1934-9), a standard facsimile collection for Greek Paleography, accompanied by a searchable database of the manuscripts in this collection.  There are also links to digitized Greek manuscripts elsewhere on the web.  As many collections slowly move to digitizing their holdings, such a centralized list is crucial, even if it is not quite complete – Bezae and the CMC are absent, for instance.  In short, this is a major emerging information hub for Greek paleography and codicology, and by extension the attendant fields of classical reception and early Christian studies.

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