The Egeria Project

This interesting site is sponsored by a variety of civic and religious institutions, as well as cultural agencies; the full name of the project is Egeria: Mediterranean Medieval Places of Pilgrimage.  According to the site, the goal of the project is “the establishment of a network of cooperation for the documentation, preservation, enhancement and promotion of pilgrimage monuments.”  To this end, the website, which “proposes cultural itineraries based on these monuments,” serves a touristic goal.  The project also involves cultural heritage management, namely an (offline) database of 150 sites maintained by the European Centre for Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Monuments.  It should be noted that most of these were not visited by Egeria, or even in existence during the fourth century (e.g. the Holy Monastery of Arkadi in Crete).  Indeed, there are few resources related to Egeria, except an interactive map of her route that is quite useful for visualization; and a nice set of images for some sites in the database.  An English translation of Egeria is available here.

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