Dukhrana (Syriac for “remembrance”) is a blog devoted to Syriac studies, especially the Peshitta, administered by Lars Lindgren, and making use of George Kiraz’s Syriac Electronic Data Retrieval Archive (SEDRA).  In addition to digital images of several manuscripts, the entire Peshitta is available as an electronic text, which can be browsed by chapter, with the options of displaying English translations of the Peshitta, as well as Greek and Latin biblical texts, simultaneously.  Another extremely useful tool is the site’s online lexicons: one can search Payne-Smith, for example, in Syriac; or the Dukhrana Analytical Lexicon of the Syriac New Testament not only in Syriac but also English (a unique feature, as far as I know).  The Analytical Lexicon retrieves all the forms of a given root appearing in the Peshitta, with convenient links to the passages in question, as well as the entries in Payne-Smith, Jennings, and Bar Bahlul.


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