Grégoire de Nysse

This site is administered by Albert Fandos, Guillaume Bady, Luc Fritz, and Timothée Lecaudey, with the support of Editions du Cerf and the Institut des Sources chrétiennes.  It contains an overview of Gregory of Nyssa’s life, by Fandos; a series of translations into French, some from the 19th century, others modern yet unpublished, and one from Sources chrétiennes.  Finally, there is a substantial (but not comprehensive or searchable) bibliography for Gregory of Nyssa compiled by Monique Alexandre in 2001; and a chart of Gregory’s works, listing their location in the PG and GNO (Gregorii Nysseni Opera] series, and, when available, French translations.  The website’s model of posting preliminary translations (for example, Pierre Maraval’s provisional translation of the Life of Gregory Thaumaturgus) is promising, especially for writings without accessible translations into a modern language; so also is the collaboration with the publisher, Editions du Cerf, which has generously allowed open access to a copyrighted translation.

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