Bibliographies for the Study of Early Christianity & Patristic Theology

This site is a large, partially annotated bibliography of English-language scholarship compiled by William Harmless, S.J., of Creighton University.  Though very far from comprehensive, it offers a generally reasonable selection, last updated in 2011.  The bibliography is divided into ten sections: Surveys, Introductions & Reference Works; Ignatius of Antioch & the Church of the Martyrs [covering the second century quite broadly]; Origen & the Rise of Biblical Scholarship; Athanasius & the Trinitarian Controversy; Cyril of Alexandria & the Christological Controversy; Jerome, Ambrose & the Latin West; Augustine & the Latin West; Antony & Early Monasticism; Cyril of Jerusalem & Early Christian Worship; Melania the Elder & Women in the Early Church.

This bibliography is an excellent resource for students (advanced undergraduates and graduate) and other interested readers to become acquainted with a broad selection of anglophone scholarship on early Christianity.

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